Amissio Formula Software Review

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Beware Traders!!! They Are Scammers

To reap the benefits of your investment, put it in a legit application to trade because there are many fake softwares that function in the market just to take the money off you but never gives you profit. One such swindled software is Amissio Formula. This was found out by the trading professionals who belong to the research team to review and study all the new applications in the market before they legally establish themselves to the traders with their trading platform. All the features and advantages promised by this software was proved fake and warnings were immediately sent to traders who were planning to opt for this software for placing their trades and for those who were already victims to stop their further trades and save their money.

Claims By Amissio Formula:

With many trading platforms advertising about themselves in the market, it is very difficult for a trader to choose one from the big list and it is very easy for such fake applications to grab the trader`s attention with attractive features by making them blind. Amissio Formula followed the same concept. It was developed with the sole aim of looting the traders and for this, it offered many captivating features like:

  • The software claimed that it has never seen loss days and has generated only profits. This claim can never be true because there can be no app which has never seen a bad day. And any app claiming this feature is for sure fake and needs no review at all.

  • It said that all its brokers are registered and trading with them will surely result in profits. How can a fake software have tie-ups with registered brokers? This is another proof to prove that it`s fake. Such sites will have brokers but all of them would be unregistered. They do not follow any prescribed trading rules but follow their own rules and regulations. Such brokers will not help you but help themselves with earnings by looting your hard-earned money.


  • This application offers a demo account for 30 days. There are many types of software that come with this feature but most of them are legit. However, this benefit by a swindled site is only to have more traders in its trading platform and more money in their accounts but nothing goes out of their hands to the traders.

  • One major drawback proved was the name of the person in whose name this site was registered never existed. No person with such name was identified to have been owning such a site and even the registered office address was fake.

With so many attractive but fake promises how can a software offer to benefit the traders, it can only cheat them. This software was very cleverly designed to fool the traders but could not escape the tough review team. They caught it and proved it wrong which has come as good news for all the traders. Look for FinTech Ltd. Robot here:

Copy Buffet Software Review: Free But Trust Worthy?


Stocks That Will Help You To Stack Money Easily – It`s Fully Tested, Go For It

The Copy Buffet Software was developed by its owner grounding its concepts and basics from another software. But this does not mean that it`s a duplication but can be taken as a development or improvement, a step ahead of the other software. Now, you might think that when it has its roots from some other application will it be scam free? This is a very common thought and in fact, every trader should ask this question before he opts to trade with the Copy Buffett Software. The answer to this is very simple. This simple and so-called doubtful fact was claimed by the owner himself. This is more than enough to prove its authenticity because no application will dare to disclose such critical and dangerous information but this software did in specific to make people understand that it has been created to help the traders and not to just steal their pockets. Read more about Copy Buffet Software

This concept was developed not by just understanding the trading strategies but a lot a learning and understanding has gone into its development. Sometimes a personal experience will shake us and make us act wisely thenceforth. Now see how this software was developed.
The Hidden And Oblivious TruthThe Copy Buffet Software offers a 30 day trial run. This is not just to educate the trader on the trading process and give him an opportunity to sneak a peek into the trading world but also to reveal the fact that the software profits only when he realizes profits. This means that the application will go to any extent to help you gain a profit because only then will it profit. This free run has been sponsored to you so that it will throw light on its dependency on you and vice versa.

  • There are asset charts that will help you make a prominent and profitable investment. This chart is available to you all the time. But it is your thought and intuition that should work in front while you trade in the market. Changes happen every second and sometimes even the charts might drop you. So you should base your trade purely on how you see the market because it is finally your money that is going to take a round in the market.

  • The next important thing to be remembered or probably the fact that is to be kept in mind is that emotions and feelings find no place in the trading ground. It is often this that affects your trade. It is either over excitement or dejection that fails you; everything is to be taken equally. A profit might over excite you and blinker you from the next trade and dejection might misguide you to quit from the trading platform, which is a big blunder. You should act calm and poised which will bring you victory.

  • The software might claim that there is no need for a trader to have a previous trading experience but common sense is very important. The software might teach him on all the tricks and knacks of trading but it is the trader who should know when to apply what and how to go about it. This requires the basic common sense.


24option review – Your Round The Clock Comrade


24 options binary trading option, regulated under the CySec commission still holds the position of one of the best in the online market. It is mainly for traders who not only expect a high profit but also surprise offers and bonuses. This is one option that fulfills this peculiar need of the traders. This application gives out cash prizes to the monthly traders mainly to retain them in their trading platform. More number of traders will add to its pride and will be an inspiration for many more to come. Though it selflessly helps you gain a profit selfishly offers you to attract more investors. This will increase its stand in the market as the most preferred online trading platform.

Unlike other binary options that either choose the spot trading or Tradologic trading, the 24option work on a very innovative trading platform developed by the Tech financial. This not only makes it a pioneer in this technology but also assures safety of the investor and his funds, which is the thumb rule of trading. Like other trading platforms, they also offer the mobile app enabling the trader to have a constant access to the trading ground even while on the move and from anywhere around the globe.

The 24 options offer four different types of trading for the trader to choose from according to his affordability.

  • Classic binaries- above/below and high/low options

  • One touch binaries – touch/no touch high yield binaries

  • Boundary binaries – standard and high yield boundary options

  • Short term binaries – consists of binaries whose expiry is very short from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.


These are the various trader types. They also enable the trader with various kinds of trading accounts namely:

  • Standard accounts – here the trader can select any asset from the ocean of asset options available and there is absolutely no restriction. He gets a full-time support from the executives while trading and can expect a high return of close to 83%.

  • Gold accounts – the traders classified under this type of account enjoy all the benefits of a standard account member and in addition gets a 2% extra income and is eligible for a free withdrawal every month without any limitations.

  • Platinum accounts – the trader is eligible for all the benefits stated in the above two accounts. In addition, he gets a 4% income and the withdrawal concept stands unlimited. He is given the freedom to withdraw any amount from his profit account at any time. Apart from this, the returns offered to these account holders are 89%.

  • Diamond accounts – all the above benefits coupled with 6% extra on each trade. A trader under this account gets a privilege to try the demo account also but needs to make a deposit of$250.